Know the rules of the game. Know how to play. It’s that simple. The introduction of new legislation has had an impact on marketing tactics. In particular, within education and in digital marketing.

Portfolio: Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) & Competition Markets Authority (CMA)

Working in education, the introduction of new consumer law for students resulted in the need to classify courses as ‘products’. Treating students as customers. Resulting in the same rules and regulations that apply in B2C sectors, now applying to education. A first for the sector.

Leading an internal change management programme, and referring to my retail experience, I was the marketing lead for the CMA committee, responsible for developing and implementing CMA compliant workflows, publications, and material information hosted online.

This involved re-engineering processes and workflows with stakeholders, instigating internal training programmes, and reworking information and frameworks alongside Senior Management.

In parallel, I was also responsible for leading the marketing compliance work for the QAA.

A sector regulatory body, focusing on the quality and delivery of programmes, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data and information relating to courses.

I received the Vice-Chancellor’s award in 2016 for this work.

Portfolio: UK GDPR & PECR

Your data is a human right. You’re able to control who can, and can’t, hold your information. The data protection laws are there to increase transparency.

As part of my role for a premium retailer, I oversaw the compliance of its marketing activities under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Establishing new data protection measures, data workflows, safeguarding critical business development opportunities, and delivering internal ‘roadshows’ for GDPR training.

I supported the internal teams with their compliance under GDPR. While advising and developing an inbound strategy for generating leads – from lead generation activity and from affiliation programmes.

As part of this work, I led on project managing and delivering two new IT systems (app and Partnership Portal), and critical developments for their CRM and website under the Privacy Electronic Communication Regulation (PECR). 

I was responsible for creating and managing audit documentation for marketing. Materials that were essential in mitigating an official ICO enquiry. I’ve written a few articles on GDPR which you can read on my blog.

I was the 7x recipient of their ‘Most Valued Marketer’ award for this work.

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