I’m a qualified marketer, with over 10 years of experience in the game. I discovered my passion for all things digital and marketing while acting as Managing Director for a company within the Young Enterprise scheme; way back in 2005. I learnt first-hand the skills required to take an idea and bring it to market.

I was eager to kick-start my career. However, I found myself in a position where life threw a few curve balls.

It was at this time that I truly understood the value of making a promise. And the importance of doing something that you have a passion for.

My career so far…

Graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a Higher National Diploma in Business, I took a second gap year to work in the marketing sector before pursuing a Business Management degree at the University of Winchester.

Continuing my professional development, I spent the next few years working in marketing departments for both in-house marketing teams and agencies.

This is where I began to understand the challenges and opportunities digital marketing provided for businesses.

And critically, how it could be integrated with other forms of media.

After completing my Master’s in Marketing in 2014, I continued my work at a digital agency before becoming the Digital Marketing Manager at the University of Winchester.

There, I was able to complete one of my proudest projects to date; a digital transformation.

The project led to various spin-offs including, market-led portfolio development and quality assurance of material information, under the Competition Markets Authority (CMA) regulations.

During my time working in Higher Education, I have recruited and built various marketing teams.

I was humbled to be leading the team which won the Heist Award for the Postgraduate Recruitment category in 2017.

After completing a project for a national retailer for GDPR compliance and customer journey optimisation, I returned to the education sector.

Working at a FE College I delivered a new student recruitment and marketing strategy and undertook a contract at the University of Portsmouth to support the team with their digital transformation. 

Most recently, I was responsible for the marketing strategy and student recruitment for the UK market while at Bournemouth University. I returned to the agency world, supporting SMEs with their marketing strategy and digital campaigns. 

Like most, the pandemic has led to a new perspective and desire to continue marketing for worthy causes and interests that reignite that passion. Ensuring I keep up-to-date with the latest digital certifications. 

It’s not all work

When I am not staring at a screen or have my head in a book you will find me down the gym, at the beach with my buddy, Tails (pictured), or on the tennis court.

My thinking time normally includes a ride on my MTB rig or a training session in one of my three martial art disciplines (Aiuchi Ju-jitsu, traditional Chinese Kung Fu or Chinese Kickboxing). Depends on how much thinking I need to do!

Films, games, bowling, music and travelling are what inspire my creative nature, spending time with my friends and family keeps me sane!

Inspire. Create. Evaluate.

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