Digital transformations are not just about a new website, intranet or app. They include upgrading all the behind-the-scenes workflows, infrastructure and training.

Working with Senior Management, I led the Digital Project from conception to development and finally, launch.

The project was designed to enhance the digital footprint of the University of Winchester. Creating a new experience for student recruitment and marketing.

Instigating a market-led approach, I created a number of workshops to gain insight from staff and students. An institution-wide initiative, aimed at engaging all areas of the University. Resulting in a robust and holistic view of the requirements for the project. And, providing the material for a well-informed tender process.

Moving away from the internal silos, the site architecture was built from the perspective of its users.

The end result was a website which catered to all. Enabling Winchester to tell its story. Showcase its research and bring to life the student experience.

Through the insight generated, I oversaw and implemented various change management programmes. From process re-engineering to the training and upskilling of staff across the institution.

From conception to delivery, the website was launched within 2 years of the project being initiated. And, established a new approach for large scale projects at Winchester.

Recently, I have supported the University of Portsmouth and Totton College with their digital transformations. Putting users at the forefront for developing new web experiences.

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