Digital transformations are not just about a new website, intranet, or app. They include upgrading all the behind-the-scenes workflows, infrastructure, and training.

Working with Senior Management, I have led numerous projects from conception to development, and launch.

Portfolio: The Digital Project

The project was designed to enhance the digital footprint of the University. Creating a new experience for student recruitment and marketing (pictured).

Instigating a market-led approach, I created a number of workshops to gain insight from staff and students. An institution-wide initiative aimed at engaging all departments of the organisation. Resulting in a robust and holistic view of the requirements for the project and providing the insight for a well-informed tender process.

The site architecture was built from the perspective of its users, powered by search, and using the concept of a ‘shop window’ – enabling the institution to tell its story. Showcasing its research and bringing to life the student experience.

Through the insight generated, I oversaw and implemented various change management programmes. From process re-engineering to the training and upskilling of staff across the institution.

From conception to delivery, the website was launched within 2 years of the project being initiated, establishing a new approach for large-scale projects at the University.

Portfolio: Website reconfiguration

Working with senior stakeholders, students, and the wider team within the charity, I reconfigured their existing website for the FE College, conducting user focus groups and using digital insight.  

Informing content, site architecture and navigation to improve user experience, reduce bounce rate and for SEO (Search Engines Optimisation).

The end result was a website that enabled users to discover the portfolio while also simplifying the application process for lead generation.

Portfolio: Website information architecture and content enhancement

Utilising previous experience, I undertook a fixed-term contract working with another university, to support them with their digital transformation.

On-boarding departments and refining the content strategy, I developed the main Information Architecture (IA) for key sections of the site, to support content migration. Leading a team of copywriters, we worked across the institution to develop new material, optimising for search, to achieve the digital KPIs set by senior management.

Portfolio: Rebuilding and launching a new charity website

Unlocking the challenges the team were facing, I set out to change how the project was fundamentally approached. Re-establishing the relationship with the agency partner, I created a new programme to bring, direction, structure, and clarity. Leading to a complete rebuild of the website and its launch, within 3 months.

Having missed several launch deadlines, the team were struggling to create a website that fulfilled their needs. After identifying and unlocking those challenges, I set about establishing a new methodical, agile approach. Re-briefing the agency partner and establishing robust project management frameworks, including stakeholder workshops, a new Information Architecture (IA), wireframing, content creation, and digital marketing best practices.

My role was a hybrid of leading the web team, external agency partners, stakeholder management, and content creation. Focussing on content strategy and best practices, I was able to successfully integrate the charity’s education content onto the website via their EBS system (Tribal) and payment systems (Allpay).

From the agreement of the rebuild, including structure, integrations and content creation, the new website was successfully launched within 3 months. I put together a programme of post-launch activity to support ongoing optimisations for the team and as part of upskilling in content and digital marketing.

Having seen the success of the approach, the team adopted the frameworks I introduced and continues to use them for future work and large-scale projects.

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