Producing content is great. Getting it seen is a whole other game.  

Starting my career in digital and content, you could call this my ‘bread and butter’.

I’ve built content strategies and editorial calendars for clients and teams, even guest lecturing on the topic, to support businesses to enhance their digital presence, driving leads and conversions.

Portfolio: Content Strategy

From agency to in-house teams, I have developed and shaped content plans which have been an integral part of all campaigns I have managed and the digital transformations I have led.

Whether it’s for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), generating leads, or building a community, content has been at the core of this activity.

I have led many successful content strategies, focusing on material for PR, SEO, link acquisition, emails, newsletters, and social media purposes.

Content strategy is one of the regular topics I rant about on my blog. You can see my content marketing articles here.

Portfolio: Guest lecturing

Through the multiple experiences and industries, I have worked in, I have been grateful for the opportunities in sharing these by being a regular guest speaker in colleges and universities.

Conducting seminars and lectures around the topic as well as acting as project mentors for students embarking on research projects within this space.

What can you do for me?

If you need help with your content strategy or would like to explore guest lecturing opportunities with me, get in touch. Don’t just take my word, check out my LinkedIn recommendations.

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