Marketing strategy is everything. Promotion is only one part of the marketing mix. To influence the market, all aspects of the offer must be considered.

Working with clients and within in-house teams, I have been responsible for the creation and execution of effecting marketing strategy and brand management.

Portfolio: Route-to-market strategy

With experience in both B2B and B2C, my roles have been focused on generating sales, subscriptions, and applications through an integrated approach. Not just relying on digital campaigns, but to consider and build effective routes-to-market to cut through the noise and start building brand gravitas.

Working in publishing, I was responsible for the creation of contra-deals, with third-parties to build international representation and subscription leads for the publisher’s life science journal catalogue. For a local authority, I devised product launches for their training programmes to generate leads and sales, and within a premium retailer I built a new inbound marketing model complying with new data legislation.

Through my time in agency, I consulted with clients to work out the market they were wanting to enter and devised market-entry strategies which also informed specific digital marketing activity.

Focusing on the best approach to get to-market, enabled a more effective marketing strategy.

Portfolio: Re-building the market proposition

When working in an FE college and a charity, previous reputation, and marketing mis-management had led to a critical loss in student numbers and the charity’s education division. Constrained by budget and time, I devised a new brand proposition and go-to-market approach for student recruitment. Leading to an increase in application numbers and safeguarding the immediate future of the institution.

Focusing on the values of institution and their charity, listening to staff and students, I was able to reposition the brand. Creating a sense of purpose for staff and a clear message for the community.

Leading data-driven initiatives established new insights into the student journey. Enabling me to refine and rebuild their messaging, their approach to school liaison and the courses the college and charity had to offer.

As part of my tenure, I implemented a size & shape initiative as well as managing a major overhaul of their website and their prospectus (pictured).

Completing a new strategic direction for the college’s student recruitment and marketing, providing counsel and a model for the education directorate to take forward with their wider provision.

Portfolio: UK Marketing Strategy

My current role involves overseeing the marketing and student recruitment for the UK market for a university based along the south-coast.

I’m responsible for the strategy and delivery of UK marketing campaigns for lead generation and applications for both Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) (taught and research) level.

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