Challenging the dogma one rant at a time.

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Marketing is full of marvellous and exciting opportunities – the nexus of technology, strategy and creative pizzaz.

We have new tools available in our arsenal. New ways to connect. New ways to analyze. Yet, through this immersion of digital technology, we have entered an era of the digital silo.

Anything not in the Facebook or Google ecosystems is perceived as outdated and irrelevant.

The notion that fault in demand generation for a product or service is due to incompetence in optimisation. Nothing to do with an outdated portfolio, wrong route to market or the price being too high to justify.

It’s this rhetoric that frustrates me.

It’s never one entity. It’s never ‘just one thing’. It is a combination of factors that require a coordinated and integrated approach.

‘It depends…’ Context is essential.

Only when we have oversight of all pieces of the puzzle, are we able to see and understand the picture. Markets are different. People are different. Approaches are adaptable.

Purpose is idealistic. The sound of self-proclaiming gurus, world-changers, and leaders of thought, is ever-growing.

The bullshit is growing.

It’s easy to jump on the latest churn from the algorithm – hashtag bandwagoning. For brands and people. Actions always speak louder.

Rather than lose faith in the system, I challenge it. Debate it. That’s how we learn.

Tackling the cause, rather than treating the symptoms. For specialists and generalists.

This is the manifestation of that passion and frustration.

It’s time to get back to the core principles. It’s time to realise that nothing is ‘new’, only the way it’s presented, changes. It’s time to challenge the trials and tribulations of the daily grind. It’s time for another perspective.

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Confronting the dogma. Challenging the zeitgeist. One rant at a time. Welcome to my blog.

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