The nature of marketing means juggling multiple elements at once. Conceiving the idea and seeing it through to fruition.

Having managed digital transformation projects, I’ve also been involved in overseeing and delivering on a number of other initiatives designed to support the marketing effort, focusing on strategy and operations.

While I have been project managing within the context of campaigns and digital transformations, I have also delivered on specific projects to support business objectives.

Portfolio: Sales app & Partnership Portal

Part of my work relating to GDPR and PECR compliance revolved around the need of having to review and update existing processes and infrastructure.

Alongside building the customer journey, I project managed the development and delivery of a new sales app for the field team and a new Partnership Portal (pictured) for secure lead transfers from business partners – all within 6 months of joining the company. This was to ensure permissions, contact preferences and lead sources were all accounted for, while also auditing and re-engineering data flows under the new data legislation.

User guides and user training were produced and managed by me as part of this enhancement to operations.

Portfolio: Exhibitions & product launches

Overseeing exhibitions for a premium retailer, I was responsible for the organisation of our presence and showcasing new products at events such as the Ideal Home Show.

Liaising with Product Managers, I oversaw the development of our entire exhibition proposition including target setting, to ensure a smooth transition for product launches, enabling on stand-demonstrations and setting lead generation KPIs for the exhibitions team.

Portfolio: New website, brand rollout, and staff wellbeing

Rolling out a new brand or website can be time-consuming and capacity zapping, doing them simultaneously can create a huge challenge for teams, especially when they’re given a 4-month deadline.

Providing direction and management for the projects at a national charity, I developed frameworks, project plans and regular workshops to shape and deliver on a new brand roll-out, the building and launching of a new website, and staff engagement through wellbeing initiatives.

My role was a hybrid of planning, training, and execution. Including, but not limited to creating content, internal comms, webinars, staff engagement activities, Information Architecture, user guides, templates, and upskilling team members to enhance capabilities and confidence.

Each project was delivered on time, with recognition being given to the team by both corporate partners and the senior leadership team.

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