My interest in technology and marketing was only ever going to bring me into the digital marketing world. From my first assistant role to my current position, digital has been at the core of my marketing arsenal.

Honing my skills while working in an agency and continuing to build on these within both the private and public sector, I’ve delivered on both small and large-scale digital projects and refer to this experience when talking about marketing as a guest lecturer.

Portfolio: Digital marketing and procurement

From websites, biddable media, to SEO, email, content, I have executed, planned, and strategized for all parts of the digital spectrum. As my career progressed, I have been able to specialise in the organic side of digital, building digital teams and organisational competence. I have created tenders and successfully procured agencies for six-seven figure contracts to support media buying.

Managing the agency relationship, I have been able to use the insight generated for optimising ads to influence all aspects of the marketing proposition I have been responsible for, including portfolio development.

Using data and analytics to inform creative, media, and the user journey has led to awards and many campaign successes. See my campaign management portfolio for more details.

Portfolio: Website transformations

Utilising my skills in SEO and content, I have been able to oversee the technical development of new websites and ensure they meet the expectations of users and search engines. You can find out more about my web and digital transformation experience here.

Portfolio: CRM and customer journeys

Project managing new systems, rebuilding customer journeys, and data flows, has enabled me to be an advisor and counsel on many CRM projects. Overseeing the technical integration between different systems, and re-engineering the journeys to optimise user experience (UX) and for meeting lead generation and conversion KPIs.

Using content marketing principles to support the execution of CRM campaigns to reduce unsubscribes and increase retention for cross-selling.

What can you do for me?

In a time of buzzwords and endless options in the digital spectrum, if you need advice or would like help on integration, optimising your digital marketing activities. or CRM, get in touch. Don’t just take my word, check out my LinkedIn recommendations.

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