Your data is a human right. You’re able to control who can and can’t store your information. The data protection laws are there to increase transparency. Protecting individuals from unscrupulous forms of marketing.

As part of my role at Thomas Sanderson (a leading premium blinds and shutters manufacturer), I oversaw the compliance of its marketing activities under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Establishing new data protection measures and safeguarding critical business development opportunities.

I supported the internal teams with their compliance under GDPR. While advising and developing on an inbound approach for the Marketing Dept.

Overseeing the brief and development of the new sales app and Partnership Portal, I successfully launched two new systems within 6 months of joining the company.

Designed to comply with the new regulations, while maintaining critical business operations.

Through internal consultancy, I was able to re-engineer workflows. Increasing compliance and transparency.

I was responsible for creating and managing audit documentation for marketing. Materials which were critical in the mitigation of an official enquiry.

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