The education sector is competitive.

Online courses, degree-awarding powers to FE colleges and private institutions have pioneered new ways of learning. And more options available for students.

Moreover, the focus on student value and employability has shifted the dynamic when developing programmes.

Facing the on-going issues of courses being launched with no clear market, required a new approach.

I have led many portfolio development initiatives. Overseeing all aspects of the change management procedure and the upskilling of staff.

I have incorporated these types of initiatives as part of student recruitment and marketing strategies.

Utilising the tools used for ad optimisation, insight from a wide range of sources and market research, I have championed data-driven insight for programme creation.

Creating new workflows and corresponding documentation and adhering to regulatory requirements to establish a ‘single source of truth’.

The end results being a comprehensive internal resource for all course information. Supporting the development of promotional material and targeted marketing.

I have ensured Marketing Depts. are at the core of programme development. Aligning an institution’s values and business objectives to the portfolio. And working closely with academic colleagues to support them through the process.

From concept to implementation, these initiatives have led to an increase in applications. Securing the longevity of subject areas.

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