Marketing strategy is everything. Promotion is only one part of the marketing mix. To influence the market, all aspects of the offer must be considered. 

I redefined Totton College and Nacro’s go-to-market approach for student recruitment. Leading to an increase in application numbers and safeguarding the immediate future of the institution.

Focussing on the values of Totton and Nacro, listening to staff and students, I was able to reposition the Totton brand. Creating a sense of purpose for staff and a clear message for the community.

Leading data-driven initiatives established new insights into the student journey. Enabling me to refine and rebuild Totton’s messaging, their approach to school liaison and the courses the College had to offer.

I re-engineered course development at Totton. Where market insight and local employer engagement became part of the process and influenced Totton’s portfolio. Designed to support those with aspirations to move forward in their careers or to pursue higher levels of education.

As part of my tenure, I led and managed a major overhaul of Totton’s website and the 2020 prospectus (image). Completing a new strategic direction for the College’s student recruitment and marketing.

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