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Write like no one’s reading, edit like your life depended on it.

I think that’s how the saying goes…

Who knew that the desire for an edit button would be so great, that you needed to buy the platform to make it happen?

While the jury will forevermore deliberate the free-speech conundrum, it got me thinking about the influence of Twitter.

Words matter.
They can build someone up.
They can tear someone down.
Writing is art.

Long gone have the days of txt spk (thanks to an increase in character limits and a handheld qwerty keyboard), and Twitter has become the epicentre of society’s written opinion.

Encapsulating the trials and tribulations in real-time for future generations to observe.

Algorithmically driven. Sometimes, reality distorted. But nonetheless…

280 characters make a tweet. But it’s more than a tweet.

It’s policy. It’s a press release. It’s defiance. It’s solidarity.
It’s your opinion. It’s a microblog. It’s your flex. It’s your brand.

Powerful in stature, quotable in media. And while it would be the latter that has certainly been the driving force for setting this precedence. The extraordinary influence of a tweet shouldn’t be overlooked.

So, here’s a selection of micro rants* (microblogs). Because sometimes, you don’t need to write war and peace to make your point. All you need is a tweet…

1. Storytelling

Storytelling tweet

When a marketer says “storytelling”, what they’re actually referring to is a creative which provokes emotion. Which is exactly what Creatives have been saying for decades, through gritted teeth, every time optimisation is mentioned…


2. Brand building using social media

Brand building tweet

There are some great examples of brand building on social media. But the testament of a great brand isn’t how many likes, followers or the content it shares, it’s longevity. If brands using SM as their primary growth driver are still around in 10-15 years, that’s a case study.

3. Content marketing done wrong

Content marketing tweet

I mean, sure, build a large, engaged following for your content. Create the newsletters, podcasts and blogs. Why bother including links or ‘ads’ in your content highlighting what you sell? The likes alone will cover the P45s.

4. Tag-line purpose vs CSR

 Tag line purpose tweet

There’s brand purpose. And then there’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

These should not be confused or interchanged.

One is a campaign tactic. The other is a fundamental change in how business is conducted for the wider good.

It’s not just a tag line.

5. Nothing is free

 Nothing is free tweet

Data or cash. Either way, we pay. No tech or platform is free. If we don’t want ads, tracking or privacy concerns, then subscriptions are your friends.

6/7. <insert media> is ‘dead’

Media tweet one

The irony of a social media platform using TV to grow their userbase, so they can sell ad space on their app to marketers who believe TV advertising is ‘dead.’

Asking for a friend tweet

If traditional media is “dead,” then why are the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook still using it?

Asking for a friend.

8. Generations repeat

Generations repeat tweet

Today’s Millennials are tomorrow’s Boomers.

Generational angst and stereotyping are nothing new.

Except now we have Twitter.

9. Forecasting is not reality

Forecasting tweet

Some can. Some can’t.
Some do. Some don’t.
Some love. Some hate.
Some will. Some won’t.

It’s really that simple.

We forecast as if it will happen.
In reality, it’s all probabilities and assumptions

10. “PeOpLe dOn’T wAnt AdS…”

Ad tweet

When Marketers say “people don’t want ads, they want content”, what they really mean is, it needs to be a really strong creative.

Which is exactly what Creatives have been saying for decades.

11. Data blinded…

Data tweet

We were so fixated on the data, we forgot the bigger picture.

12. Marketing vs MaRkETinG

MarKEting tweet

Marketing has an identity crisis. Most don’t know what it is, and those that do, forget that to use all the p’s (7 > 4), you need an organisational structure that accommodates it. Which, is the consequence of the first point.

Structure shapes function.

Share your thoughts

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*Depending on how this goes, I may decide to make this a series…

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See you next time.

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