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The writer of statuses.

The publishers of pontification.                                                     

For without their influence, and ‘knowledge’, the world would be a little less egotistical. Less hysterical. Perhaps, a little humbler. They provide the sauce that fuels the conversations on the Twittersphere. Mocking from afar.

Until their influence breaches, and we’re forced to witness the craziness once more. Timelines are flooded.

There is no escape when the algorithm favours the loudest shouting louder. Gone are the days of rationalism, realism and respect.

Offend someone and you’re in the game. Offend no one, and you’re on the bench. Judged by your flaw of integrity and humility.

You’ve failed. Not in the realms of reality. Only to those who strive for digital supremacy. After all, “…it’s for the personal brand, brah.”

So, inspired by the famous Think Different campaign, here’s an ode (of sorts) to the LinkedIn community.

Keep blusterin’ that hustlin’, follower counts are remembered on the headstone…

Heres to the hustlers. The LinkedIners. The leaders of thoughts. The thread makers. The reaction collectors on statuses. Theyre not fond of nuance. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can retweet them, call them out, prove them wrong.

But what you can’t do is ignore them. The algorithm has got you. By the short and curlies. Because they own the game. They push the echo forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see sadness. Because the people who are crazy enough to show theyre working, are the ones who are usually not.

So, here’s to the doers. The workers. The modest. The ones who don’t tell their ‘story’ to be seen. The ones who build their ‘brand’ through action, respect, and work ethic. The ones who smile to hide what’s happening on the inside. The round pegs in the square holes who deserve to be admired for more than a day, a month, a year. The ones who show up.

For it’s another week. The motivation isn’t motivating. And while the comparison is a given, remembering who to compare yourself with is a gift. Toxic positivity is still toxic. Realism is underrated.
Because those who talk the talk, don’t walk the walk.

And while the comparison is a given, remembering who to compare yourself with is a gift.

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